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10 Best Winter Cozy Places to Visit Near Kolkata

  • 14 Dec Fri, 2018
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Places to Visit Near Kolkata

Winters and weekend outings are fun. It is more fun with new places to explore. Here we bring you a list of cozy places around Kolkata for your next wanderlust. With luxury car hire in Kolkata, make a difference with the winters and weekends, this season.  

  1. Mandarmani: A beach outing

Have a wonderful chilling experience on a silent beach this winter. Mandarmani happens to be a better place near Kolkata for a winter outing. Only at just a distance of just 3 hours from Kolkata, this is an amazing destination which can rejuvenate you and prove to be an ideal place for a winter visit. 

Being just 170 km from Kolkata, you can take a car hire in Kolkata or bus ride to reach there within 4 hours via SH4 and NH6

  1. Raichak: An ideal day trip

Being one of the most ideal places to visit during the winters, Raichak is a must visit destination. Located at some distance of 50 kms from Kolkata and located on the Raichak Jetty, it was home of an 18th century built, Dutch Fort.

  1. Tarapith: A religious trip

This is a center of pilgrimage dedicated to Mother Goddess Tara. This is a place where worshippers will visit to get the Goddess' blessings and explorers would enjoy the mythical thrill amidst nature. This place is located at a distance of 220 km from Kolkata.

  1. Gangasagar: A calm getaway

A spiritual getaway and a beautiful place for winter visitors. During the auspicious occasion of Maker Sankranti, the Gangasagar mela is hosted here. Thousands of pilgrims come here and take a dip in confluence of Ganges and the Bay of Bengal. Located at a distance of 135 km, this place can be reached with bus or hired car.

  1. Mukutmanipur: A charming small getaway

A picturesque getaway in Bankura district at confluence of Kumari and Kangsabati . The Mukutmonipur dam along with hills and greenery makes a very alluring setting, a calm holiday in the winters. Quite closer to Bishnupur, you can cover theses two places together in one trip. This is just at 204 km, distance from Kolkata.

  1. Shantiniketan: Enjoy heritage and culture

Abode of Kabiguru Rabindranath and his cultural vision namely, Shantiniketan is a peaceful place near Kolkata in winter. Go during Poush Mela (around Makar Sankranti). Visit the museums to learn history and feel the culture and traditions, by visiting the parks. This place is located at a distance of 166 km from Kolkata.

  1. Bishnupur: The place with terracotta temples

A small little place near Kolkata, almost like a village, Bishnupur is a good place for weekend trips. You can take walk along the narrow roads, visit old palaces and temples, click pictures and drink fresh date syrup. A must visit during Poush Sankranti mela (in middle of January) and buy things like terracotta and mud dolls and idols and local Baluchari sarees. Located at just 135 km from Kolkata, and is about 3 hours distance from Kolkata.

  1. Jairambati- Kamarpukur: A religious place to visit

Both the places can be visited in one trip. Kamarpukur being the birthplace of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa and Jairambati is the birthplace Maa Sarada, his wife. With a beautiful temple named, Matri Mandir, was built on the exact spot where Maa Sarada was born. There is a Ramkrishna Math in Kamarpukur which is an ideal place for meditation. Both are beautiful places to visit during the winters. Enjoy village life and uplift your peace. This place is located at just 103 km from Kolkata.

  1. Jamshedpur: A city getaway

Jamshedpur, a well-planned city and near Kolkata, where you must visit in the winter. With numerous spots for tourists, like the Dimna Lake and dam, Hudco Park and Jubilee Park this city is a perfect place for a short winter vacation. Jamshedpur is just 250 km from Kolkata and you will take just 5-6 hours to reach from Kolkata.

  1. Bakkhali: Amazing off-beat beach town

Bakkhali is a virgin, calm beach town which is sparsely crowded, except for the occasional long weekends. An amazing place to cycle or take long strolls and enjoy a holiday where you don't need to. This virgin paradise is perfect for a winter break. Bakkhali is at a distance of 125 km from Kolkata and takes just 3 hours time, to reach there.

With a car rental in Kolkata, venture the sunny and winter cozy places in and around Kolkata. This could be the best way to welcome a new year while bidding adieu the previous.

Happy vacation time!




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