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Refine Your Experiences This Diwali & BhaiPhonta with Car Rentals

  • 02 Nov Fri, 2018
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Diwali Car Rental Kolkata

The festive season is yet on! And now it's time for crackers, and lights. Yes, we are talking about Kali puja(Deepawali) and Diwali around the corner. And then comes is Bhaiphonta, the festival to celebrate sibling love.

Kolkata, a city with people of various cultures, celebrates both Kalipuja and Diwali with much pomp and grandeur and people get busy visiting to pandals and also the house of kin. Diwali or say Deepawali is a popular festival of the Hindus. And what makes it more special is availing visits with easy and convenient car rental services, in your vicinity.

Among some people in India, Lakshmi puja is done on the eve of Diwali. And in West Bengal, Goddess Kali is worshiped with much devotion on the new moon night.


Experience This Diwali Little Different


Call it Deepawali or Diwali, the festival marks the victory of light over darkness or say good over evil. People decorate their home with lights, candles, and diyas. On this occasion, markets get crowded with vendors selling various types of lights and sweets. People buy new dresses and purchase gifts for their near and dear ones. How's your festive preparation going on? On occasions like this, it is always advisable to hire car rentals and makes things easier for you. Only you need to double click on website pages of car hire service in Kolkata and get your carrier at door-step.

Also, many of you must be preparing delicious dishes at home and visit your relatives and friends to embrace the positive vibes of a festive occasion.


Celebrate Sibling Love with New Aura


And here comes to my mind a popular folk song by IndraniSen,

" KeJash Re Bhati Gang Baiya

Amar bhaidhon re koiyonaiyornitoboila

Torakejaas ....."

Well, no more worries for married sisters, with an availability of various choices of car rentals, hours of wait appear insignificant and you can revive nostalgia of childhood with your brother(s) and embrace the pious occasion BhaiDhooj or BhaiPhonta.

This is a fun-filled celebration. From tasty desserts to gifts, you wait for this grand day to conclude Diwali celebrations in a different way. Celebrated on the 5th or last day of Diwali, sisters await to greet and treat their brothers with affection and yummy food and brother(s) reward them with nice gifts and blessing. This festival is celebrated in different parts of  India and somewhat similar to RakshaBandhan but with its unique charm.

Enjoy the festive time with much joy and happiness. Be carefree and go out for pandal hopping, with no worries of getting late or missing the last conveyance to way back home.




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